So you’ve stumbled upon the great site The Computation, browsed through all the insightful posts, and wondered what the first post ever was. You are reading it right now, and it is more boring than you expect.

As the title says, this is the mission statement. Why was this site built? What purpose does it serve in the lives of those behind it? What purpose should it serve for those reading it?

To cut it short, the main purpose is to learn. Writing about something is a highly effective way of learning anything from cooking to computer science. The posts here will (since this is post 0) be a reflection of my journey through the vast and fascinating field that is computer science.

The site also serves an altruistic purpose: to help other people learn new stuff about, get interested in, or simply appreciate computer science. You will hopefully find something of interest, be it you are a computer science professor, or an high school student wishing to study computer science in college.

A third, rather indirect, purpose is to encourage other people to start a website to share what they are interested in with the world. Even though it may not seem like it, the Internet is still an open place, and it is remarkably easy to start sharing stuff. I believe every person has something of value to share with other people, and the Internet is (as of this writing) the best place to do so.

That’s it. These are the main reasons behind this site. Enjoy reading!